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Re: I just found out I have breast cancer

Hi Cricket - I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer in 2011 after the radiologist miraculously found a small tumor in my left breast. I am PR/ER - and HER2+ like you. I chose a double mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction since my breasts had dense tissue and I didn't want to worry about the cancer popping up on the other side and me not being as lucky the next time with finding it early. I must say I pretty much breezed thru it all - chemo and surgery. My oncol started me on chemo first so she could be sure that the cocktail was killing off the cancer cells. When I went for surgery 6 mos later the radiologist couldn't even find evidence of cancer being there! Great medicine and a Great God! I took 1 yr of Herceptin - my oncol said they want to make sure there aren't any micromets floating around my body somewhere that could park in another part of my body. The Herceptin didn't affect me at all - I have high BP and take meds for it. I also have high Cholestorol and take meds for that but the Herceptin didn't affect either. Your dr will monitor you thru a cardiologist. You will do fine! I think having 2 C-Sections was harder than this! Good luck to you and kiss those grandbabies!
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