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Re: I just found out I have breast cancer

You will be told what the research suggests is your best option. For me, with only one affected area, it was a lumpectomy and that's what I did. I did this because I tend to be an "evidence" person, not because I am vain about having breasts... I am 66, don't need them for babies, my husband didn't care, etc.
Some women in my situation would do a mastectomy, because they sleep better at night, even though the evidence suggests the chance of recurrence is the same - mastectomy, vs lumpectomy plus radiation.
If you have more than one area affected, and possibly second breast as well, they may even suggest mastectomy. Ask your surgeon to explain the research to you, and then do what makes you personally the most comfortable psychologically.
Just know that surgery either way is generally straightforward. Best of luck to you! The treatment herceptin, which you will have in either case, has, made a huge difference for women with Her2 breast cancer!
Dx Nov 2010 at age 65 - 3.5 cm invasive ductal, 8 of 15 nodes. ER-,PR-, HER+++. Lumpectomy, chemo, 6 weeks rads, 52 weeks herceptin finished April 2012.
CAT,PET, bone scan, ultrasound and mammogram in Spring 2012 - NED.
Cherishing every day, but realistically "watching my back" (or should I say "front"?
Eating foods thought to fight cancer, exercising every other day,using my garden as my mecca of peace, and loving my supportive husband more than ever.
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