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Re: CDK 4/6 Inhibitors Are Associated With a High Incidence of Thrombotic Events in B


It goes beyond this. There was a trial using Faslodex alone vs Faslodex and Palbociclib (Ibrance) way back when. The combo extended the time of disease progression from 10 months (Faslodex alone) to 20 months, Faslodex plus Ibrance. This seems impressive.

Yet the important thing is overall survival, not time to progresssion. With Faslodex the overall survival median was 33 months. What about the Faslodex- Ibrance combo. Probably 66 months based on the time to progression info. Well not exactly. The overall survival median for the Ibrance Faslodex combination was 37 months.

Im not sating CDK 4,6 inhibitors are useless but their value is exaggerated by the nonstop advertising. "
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