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Re: Bilateral mastectomy support group

Hi Dianne-

Thanks for starting this post--I was out of town and saw it and waited to get home to reply. I do not meet many bilat no recon women--

I also chose to have a bilat-same reasons as you-

I was a DDD-in the bc breast and a DDDD in the 'ok for now' breast I was a DD since age 13 and honestly I am ok with my now flat chest. Honestly for me if it was socially acceptable I would go flat all the time--I do go flat when I am alone or around more liberal people--I live in LA--

I wear prosthesis and yes, they are sometimes a pain and do not look like my natural girls--I chose a D cup and am now much smaller-clothes still look funky but also could be my chemo weight gain--

I do not plan on having reconstruction--I also was concerned that should I get a reoccur I didnt want anything in the way of finding it right away this time--

This is me--this is who I am now--and my breasts never defined me--(as far as I was concerned!!!)--

I am single and yes, this whole issue has occurred to me as something that when I start dating again that will have to be dealt with---all I can say is that it will certainly help me weed out the no-goodknicks---and I will truly find someone interested in the 'inner' me--as there won't be a choice--again--I will deal with that when I start dating--and I get it probably won't be easy--but for now, I have so much other 'stuff' on my plate that I am not thinking about it right now.

There is a website that may interest you

found it on the website

Be well---
DX: 11/08 Age: 53
Surgery: 1/09
Bilat Mastectomy, no reconstruction
ILC-4 tumors-1.7 cm,1.5 cm (2).8 cm
DCIS-11 cm
All tumors Grade 3
All tumors ER-0%/PR-0%
All tumors HER2+
IHC-all tumors Overexpression/borderline
FISH 2 tumors Her2-Negative
FISH 2 tumors Her2+ Equivocal
Stage I, 0/1 nodes
LVI-Indeterminate(treated as positive)
SPR Score 8/9
Ki-67 20%
BRCA genetic test 1/2=negative
Chemo: 6 rounds TAC Feb-June 2009 w/Neulasta
Herceptin: 6/12/09-6/4/10 52weeks
HNPCC genetic test: negative
Port Placement-9/23/09 Port Removal 6/25/10
Echo's every 3 months-All normal
2/09 Staging PET/CT showed 0.2 micronodule upper R lobe-lung-Onc does not think this is mets--
6/5/09 AND 10/09 CT scan 0.2 micronodule unchanged
1/10-PET/CT-uptake in nasopharynx-
1/10-MRI All normal
6/10-Bone Scan-clear
12/10-PET/CT-All Clear-NED
12/11-PET-All Clear-NED

12/12-PET-All Clear-NED
12/13-CT w/contrast Head, Torso-All Clear
12/14-CT w/contrast Head-All Clear
2/15-Core needle biopsy-R scar line

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