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Re: Bilateral mastectomy support group

I had bilateral mastectomies when I was diagnosed in 2000. I did visit a plastic surgeon once but didn't end up having reconstruction. I didn't want to give up the time to surgery, healing etc. I do miss my breasts at times but I knew I wouldn't be getting my breasts back through surgery. I wear prosthetics and a mastectomy bra and get along fine. I have hair that never quite came completely back and have to wear hair pieces and that is more drama for me than the prosthetics. I am used to them after all these years. I own several swim suits that are mastectomy and found them through searching on the internet. I also have a set of swim prosthetics that work quite well.

I don't know if I'm supposed to mention brands on the site so I won't but I have very lightweight prosthetics and they are a major step up from my original ones back in 2000. They seem to be cooler too. I wear a bra that the prosthetic slips into so I have some fabric between my chest wall and the prosthetic as well so that makes it more comfortable. It does take getting used to though. At first it felt so unnatural.

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