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Re: Bilateral mastectomy support group

I had bilateral mastectomies over 3 years ago and have not had reconstructive surgery. I throw it around in my head every now and then, and I may sometime in the future have something done. For now, I wear silicone prosthetics only when I wear clothes that require boobs. The rest of the time, I have gotten comfortable being flat chested, after alot of self-doubt and frustration. I miss my breasts and the sensuality I felt when I had them, but I have come to realize they didn't define me as a woman or as a human being. I enjoy the freedom to wear them or not wear them. Now, when I do wear them, I am uncomfortable and they get in my way. Im not saying it hasnt been difficult to get to this point. The first year was excruciatingly emotional and the loss of my nipples impacted my sex life tremendously, but if there's a will, there's a way. Adapt and overcome!

I have watched blogs/videos , etc about expanders and they look horribly painful. My best friend also has bilat mast. with expanders that were done wrong (not placed properly) and migrated to her shoulders, so be sure to go to a respectable, experienced surgeon should expanders be a choice for you. Can you not have the TRAM reconstruction? Looks a bit morfe painful, but none of it will be a walk in the park, Im sure

Good luck and best wishes
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