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Re: 10 yrs stage 3b 45 positive nodes.....

Congratulations!!! Thank you for giving me hope
Clear mammo Jan 2011
Shingles March 2011
Found tumor on right breast May 2011
Dx jun 24th 2011
ER/PR- HER2+ Grade 3
stage IIB IDC Spread to lymph nodes
Neo adj chemo TCH Jul-Nov 2011
Lumpectomy/24 lymph nodes removed 11/30/2011
Pneumonia/infection hospital 12/13-15/2011
Radiation Jan-Feb 2012
Herceptin July 2011-2012
MRSA 4 times 2012, completed clinical trial
Chemo Neuropathy, lymphedema on right arm, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Hiatus Hernia and GERD.
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