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tumor markers

As a stage 4 HER2+ patient I regularly have my tumor marker test done. My marker is within range but has never gone to single digits, I am in the teens and 20s on the CA27.29. I had a complete pathological response to taxotere, Herceptin, and perjeta after 6 cycles and still receive HP every three weeks. No surgery or radiation though. Curious to know about others' tumor markers.

diagnosed: 11/04/2013 stage IV, 1.9 cm tumor in right breast, 7 nodes, and a 3.9 cm lesion on the liver
chemotherapy: 11/13/2013 begin 6 cycles taxotere, Herceptin, perjeta
01/28/2014 PET shows solid response to chemo
02/27/2014 last THP
03/20/2014 Herceptin and perjeta every three weeks until eternity
04/22/2014 PET complete pathological response to chemo, no surgery or radiation
06/02/2014 had my port removed! Couldn't stand it!
08/28/2014 PET still NED
02/04/2015 PET still NED
05/19/2015 brain MRI NED
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