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Questions about the dreaded hair loss??

Ok so how do I ask this without seeming completely vain? Ill just get to the point. I am on new meds which causes complete hair loss (eyebrows/lashes as well) did anybody ever try falsies when their eyelashes fell out?? I lost them before back in 2006, I mean I know all about it, but was just curious if anyone's tried them and if so, any success??
Laurie :)

*2006..Dx w Stage1 DCIS age32 Had lft breast mastectomy
-4 cycles A/C 12wks..4 cycles Taxol/Herceptin 12 wks (herceptin 1yr total)
*2007..prophylactic rt breast mastectomy
*May2011..was told I was CURED & within 2 days was reDX w stageIV mets to my liver,lungs,&bone
-6wks Herceptin(little progression to liver)
-started clinical trial on July 19th T-DM1....Hopeful!
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