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Just found your website - and glad to have found it. On Jan 3 2007 I went to check out a sore lump in my left breat and another in my armpit. I walked out with a fistful of appointments for scans and the news that I had cancer, and that it had spread to my lymph nodes, and that there were at least 4 tumours.

Scans showed no evidence that it had reached bones or major organs yet, but on 10 Jan I had a complete mastectectomy, axillary clearance and installation of a port.

First path showed 6 of 19 nodes affected, second lot (results yesterday) showed o-/p- and HER2 positive. Also, the main tumour was 4cm, the total size of the tomours (this must be end-to-end, surely) is 17cm. That's hugely scary. I had bloody discharge from my nipple last march and a ductectomy in June, the path results from that were clear. How could this thing grow so bloody fast?

A scary thing is that none of the tumours, other than in the nodes, showed up on the mammogram (and I have had 3 lots in the past 12 months) - they found them with a very detailed ultrasound.

Seeing the oncologist tommorow am (Thurs) for the first time to get chemo happenning.

I am scared that the cancer I have seems to be so aggressive. I am 42, and have a gorgeous husband and 5yo daughter to love me through this - I am so grateful for them.

I will have Herceptin, apparently, but won't know any more details until tomorrow.

And glad to have found this site.

Kind regards to all - Belinda
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