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Re: Third time in 19 years!AND NOW 25 YEARS!!

I just reread this post I sent shortly after my third cancer, now Her2, was found. I didn't remember I had written it and that I had found this website so early! It is now a few days away from 2011, and I am still here! I had herceptin for 15 months back then, and did well inspite of the heart attack. After the 15 months on herceptin my ejection fraction dropped to 30, so I had to stop the herceptin and be treated for congestive heart failure, including a triple bypass. I have had fairly good health and very positive spirits until this summer, when Her2 has been diagnosed again, also in my lung. I am on herceptin again, still fighting. This week my oncologist will start me on another chemo with the herceptin. The navelbine that worked before doesn't now. My spirits are good, I have faith to keep going and a wonderful supportive family, with 7 new great grandbabies due in 2011! (That will make 47.) I am 81 now. Life is good and after 25 years fighting BC I appreciate so many many things, including this wonderful website and all these warrior-sisters who lift each other up. God bless you all! Hugs, TriciaK
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