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Checking in

Hello ladies,

Itís been awhile since Iíve checked in , mostly on Facebook her2 support group these days but I still like to see how all are doing here as this was one of the first support groups that helped me through those first few awful years . Well Iím happy to see some of the same faces years later still NED or stable .
Iím also happy to report this November will be 8 years since diagnosis. Crazy to think itís been that long as Iím still dealing with some issues related to original diagnosis, but they are minor in the scheme of things.
Iím working, still married lol, kids healthy and happy and on another great note ) kinda) I suffer from lymphedema left arm, each year it gets a bit worse but still mild compared to others , anyway I was just approved for a lymphnode transfer ! Took almost a year of denials but Dec 01,2021 I will be having this 6-8 hour surgery ! Not looking forward to the unknowns but looking forward to god willing this being my last surgery related to my 2013 cancer diagnosis . Still remain NED
]11/13 Dx IDC left breast
11/19/2013 Inflammatory Breast Cancer stage 3c grade 2 Er- Pr- her2+++
Node involvement suspected based on CT
12/13 port placed
12/13 neoadjuvant DD AC xs 4 rounds started
02/14 taxol/herceptin started every week xs 12 rounds
Herceptin for 1 year
BRCA1&2 negative
5/06/14 last round taxol/herceptin. Chemo done!!!
5/07/14 clear CT scan
6/11/14 Bilateral Mastectomy Done
6/15/14 8mm tumor post chemo. Removed by bmx
6/15/14 lymph nodes 0/9
6/15/14 officially Cancer Free
7/11/14 emergency surgery to left breast . Wound refused to heal and broke open. New TE placed
7/28/14 emergency medical procedure now to right breast( post op 6 weeks mastectomy ) wound opens.
8/25/14 - 10/07/14 Radiation
11/24/14 CT of Brain clear
01/23/15 One year Herceptin Complete
02/04/15 Diep done
5/01/15 1 year Ct scan- mass in thymus
6/23/15 repeat CT mass in thymus still present
6/30/15 biopsy thymus 7/03/15 mass Benign! Diagnoses Thymic hyperplasia rebound ( chemo at fault, no long term health effects)
7/08/15 phase 2 diep
11/23/15 phase 2b ( reconstructive surgery with lipo)
03/05/18 Vinnie Myer 3 D nipple tattoos complete.
11/19/2018 5 years since Dx of IBC stage 3c remain NED.
11/19/21- 8 years today I officially remain NED and in 12 days I will be having a lymphnode transfer to help decrease some mild lymphedema! Still working, living life and soon to see a day I thought never would happen and thatís becoming a grandparent June 22nd.
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