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Re: I'm a Warrior! :)

Wow indeed!!! Katsie, you are a gal to be reckoned with! Indeed, cancer messed with the wrong person!

I do believe for a fact that when the cancer is a-brewin' we get super tired. This past summer before I was diagnosed I was outrageously tired. I usually have a ton of energy in the summer due to the sunlight but not this summer. I was convinced my thyroid was off (I too have Hashimoto's) but the tests came back fine. So I thought, hey, I'm turning 50 in a few months...that's gotta be it.

Now I'm convinced it was the cancer. I was diagnosed in October. Stage IIa, invasive ductal, triple positive. I found the walnut myself 4 months after my annual mammo/sono (!)

But have faith: I'm in a clinical trial involving Herceptin, Perjeta and TDM1. I have a ton of energy, kept my hair, feel and look fine. The walnut shrank from 3.8 cm to 1.7cm after one infusion. This targeted therapy is a Godsend and I am eternally grateful to all the warriors who came before me.

God bless, feel well!!
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