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Re: Holistic approach if you believe or if you tried?


I tried to find information on a holistic approach that was successful for a large number of patients when I was first diagnosed. I looked and looked, and was not confident in what I found.

My advice is to combine the two approaches. Chemo is over, radiation is next, Herceptin for the remainder of the year.

To this you can add changes in diet, appropriate levels of exercise, meditation, stress reduction, acupuncture, massage, energy work, etc.

I would not skip the doctor's regiment. There is not a way that has been successfully incorporated into the current Standard of Care guidelines to share who can skip treatments, and who needs them. The closest information is the testing that is done for the ER positive tumors. You didn't mention Mammaprint or any other test, my guess is either you are ER negative, or you didn't do this testing.
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