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Re: Here is my story

Thanks for sharing the blog. I am on chemo presently prior to my lumpectomy. Anxiety resounds with me, I thought I was going crazy waiting for treatment to begin. Now post 2 chemo treatments my anxiety has gone into the background. I only take my xanax to counter act the decadron steroid affect and sleep on the day before and the day of chemo. Also the antinausea works for helping me sleep post chemo.

I shaved my head 2 weeks ago. I let my hair start falling out on its own. First got my hair cut short and then went to the next step. Actually felt good to shave it because was a little itchy by then. I made an event out of it at the hair salon. Took champagne and both my wigs and let my stylist cut them a little till I felt pretty. For me hair loss has not been that big of a deal but we are all individuals. I just hope it doesn't come back grey but by the time it does I guess I will be ready to see it!
Age 48
1/20/2013 Found lump in Right Breast
1/22/2013 Ultrasound/Mammogram lump is of concern
2/5/2013 Needle Biopsy
2/7/2013 Dx of Breast Cancer
2/19/2013 HER2 Positive confirmed
3/1/2013 Port Placement
3/5/2013 Chemo begun Taxotere & Carboplatin w/ weekly Herceptin. 6 total chemos every 3 weeks
3/15/2013 BRCA tests both negative
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