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Re: 11 Years bc, 10 Year with mets


Thank you for the inspiring post. I was really scared when I was diagnosed. I had just turned 31 and had a 7 month old son. I had no family history of breast cancer so I really had nobody to help me through it all. This site and the many women like you that I have met along the way have really helped to keep me going. My son is now almost 3 years old and I have brought a program called Live, Laugh, Learn to my home town by an organization called Rethink Breast Cancer (Canadian Charity that helps women under 45 dealing with breast cancer). This program has really helped many young women to not feel so isolated. I wish you many, many, many more years!

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Dx Her2+, ER+, PR-, stage 2b/3 July 2010
Chemo Sept-Dec 2010
(Pertuzumab during last 3 rounds of chemo)
Surgery Jan 2011
25 Rads March 2011
Herceptin started during chemo and continued every 3 weeks for 1 year
Started Tamoxifen for 5 years

Looking for a vaccine trial
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