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Re: NeuVax reduces recurrence by 78.4% over 5 years

Omg! Are you serious? I'm not making any claims about you personally. I just think that instead of pretending that this vaccine is going to be available to us and soon or that we should just blindly enroll in clinical trials without understanding who is really profiting it's important to remember that clinical trials are run by the drug companies at the end of the day. I don't care about your business background. I have a research background. Big deal. It doesn't matter. What does is that on here we have all been diagnosed with some form of Her2. And we ALL want to fight and live! But we cannot blindly tout a Biopharma company without the reality that goes with it because quite honestly some of us will die while we wait for this drug that could save our life. And the only way that this will change is if we rise up and band together to make a change both in terms of how fast a drug is allowed to the market by the FDA but also in how some clinical trials are run! We wouldn't be as far as we are in breast cancer research if people weren't realistic about what is really going on. If they weren't getting angry and taking a stand. That's why I chose one of your posts. You have posted a lot about this vaccine. You have a responsibility to those of us on here to discuss it both a) in a realistic light and b) in a more mature way that doesn't just have you jumping all over those of us who disagree with you. At the end of the day we are all on here for support because we are fighting for our lives - literally! You could be a bit more accepting of other people's points of view as well as be a conduit for change. If you rallied those on here we could have numbers that may make a dent in the system. And every dent we make could mean lives that get to be lived! That lisbeth is what I'm saying. All of this has nothing to do with you personally. But rather with the information you provide. It doesn't have to be so one sided and it can be used as a way to CHANGE the system!
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