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Re: Searching for new direction

I think that Stage 4 success stories are so varied it shows how individual we all are in how we respond to all kinds of treatments. I have supported my treatments with various complementary therapies including Accupuncture, Reiki, massage, Traditional Chinese meditation. I have learned to meditate and it helps me enormously. I exercise as much as I can. I attend a stage 4 support group and regularly attend a Foundation for people with Cancer that has a integrated approach. I have also modified my diet but I am not as strict as I used to be and I allow myself to LIVE but focus on eating to maximise nutrition.
I know some Stage 4 success stories personally - they have all done different things but they have all been open to alternatives. Some were offered no traditional/ western treatment and have gone into remission - diet and meditation being key to their stories.
I would suggest reading widely, being open, seeking advice from respected professionals and then making a decision and going with it.
Good Luck.
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