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I can relate to what you are going through. You are brave and positive and that is what it takes. I have a daughter that just turned 22 and she has a 13 moth old liittle boy. She was diagnose in July 2010 with breast cancer and yes it is estrogen,progestron and her2 positive. It had already sprread to her lymphnodes. She has been undergoing chemo since sept 10 and was taken off due to heart damage to her heart and they just put her back on chemo 2 weeks ago. She has 2 treatments left of the fec and then she will go back on the hercip. She has had a hard road and still has a long way to go with surgery of both breast, radation for 6 weeks and them reconstructive surgery. But I can say that that little boy is what makes her fight. She tells me mom failure is not an option for me. I have promised to be with her every step and I will. We never know why these things happen but with the trust and faith in GOD you and she will get through this. GOD bless you for helping to spread the messages.
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