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Re: Tivatinib (ARQ-197)

I read the article on C-MET and learned a lot. I dont know if it would make sense putting it on the board. Its sort of an A-B-C-D-E-F thing, A being C-met which is connected to another protein (B) which is connected to another protein (D) which is conncected to all the other proteins and after F you get a reaction, be it increased cancer cell growth or increased cancer cell motility. To make it more complicated, protein B might stimulate Protein C1 and you have a different cascade that branches out. There are so many connections and interconnections and branches and subbranches, it can make your head spin. This is called signal transduction and is one of the reasons finding effective treatments for cancer is so complicated. If you block one pathway, a different one can take its place. Im still researching Tivatinib. The C-met (hepatocyte growth factor receptor is located in the cell membrane (like the Her-2 receptor) and the B,C,D,E F protein connections go deeper into the cell and eventually effect the cell nucleus.

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