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Re: Young survivor

Dear Dawn,

It breaks my heart to see another young woman diagnosed with this disease. Please know that you are not alone - there are many young
moms out there (have you checked the Young Survival Coalition web site?It's a great resource.

You can see at my signature below that I had a locally advanced tumor and I'm now fine. I have 3 kids, ages 8, 6, and 4. Never in my lifetime I thought I'd go through this. But here I am, braving this new frontier of survivorship.

Please feel free to come here often for
support and PM me anytime.

Best of luck to you during your treatment phase,

ER+ (30%)/PR-/HER-2+, stage 3

Diagnosed on 02/18/09 at 38 with a huge 12x10 cm tumor, after a 6 month delay. Told I was too young and had no risk factors. Found swollen node during breastfeeding.
March-August 09: neo-adjuvant chemo, part of a trial at Stanford (4 DD A/C, 4 Taxotere with daily Tykerb), loading dose of Herceptin
08/12/09 - bye bye boobies (bilateral mastectomy)
08/24/09 - path report shows 100 % success in breast tissue (no cancer there, yay!), 98 % success in lymphatic invasion, and even though 11/13 nodes were still positive, > 95 % of the tumor in them was killed. Hoping for the best!
September-October 09: rads with daily Xeloda
02/25/10 - Cholecystectomy
05/27/10 - Bone scan clear
06/14/10 - CT scan clear, ovarian cyst found
07/27/10 - Done with Herceptin!
02/15/11 - MVA-BN HER-2 vaccine trial
03/15/11 - First CA 15-3: 12.7 and normal, yay!
10/01/11 - Bone scan and CT scan clear, fatty liver found
now on Tamoxifen and Aspirin

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