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Re: Perjeta reaction

I too am stage IV with mets to my liver and several lymph nodes involved. I was diagnosed as stage IV at initial BC diagnosis in October of 2013. I received taxotere, Herceptin, and perjeta for 6 cycles, ending in February of 2014. At that point we dropped the taxane (thank god!) and have since continued with Herceptin and perjeta every three weeks. While I was receiving the taxane cycles I was on decradon the day before, the day of, and the day after infusion along with an IV of decradon (which was always given right before the taxotere). I did not have any problems with adverse reactions and have gone on to be NED since April of 2014. Hang in there, there has been outstanding responses to Herceptin and a taxane without perjeta. But I also agree with contacting a place like Dana Farber, MD Anderson or Sloan Kettering for advice regarding adverse reactions to perjeta. All of these are top cancer centers in the US and are involved in research and clinical trials.
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