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Re: Vaccines show a 43% reduction in recurrence

Ditto. I will have my 6th and last vaccine at Mayo/ Rochester on August 16. I have 2 bulging discs in my back and since the vaccines, I am virtually painless...which is a strong indication to me that the vaccine has anti inflammatory properties. Each vaccine has been well tolerated and I am treated like a "queen" at Mayo. The experience has been pleasant. My echo came out great after Vaccine #3 so no ill effects on my heart.
Tappimune is the drug company that developed the vaccine that I am getting...the drug companies seem to be in a race to develop a better formula/delivery system/ longevity of the vaccine response.
I am hoping I am part of a blockbuster solution to "wipe breast cancer" off of the planet, but at the very least...they are learning from me regardless of the outcome. The pink campaigns and other funding resources are great but the greatest need to speed up a cure is clinical trial participation.
DX November 2010
Brain MRI, CT of lung, liver, bone, all clear
Double Mastectomy w/expanders December 1, 2010
ER- PR- Her2+++, grade 3, 12 positive nodes out of 15
Stage IIIc
Started TCH/Chemo December 31, 2010
6 rounds TCH
Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year
33 rounds of TomoTube radiation, to chest wall, neck, skin and lymph area
September, 2011, MRI to lower spine, hips, DX bulging disk, L4 & L5, pain not from cancer
Expanders removed, implants in Dec 1, 2011
Finished Herceptin, December 21, 2011
August 2012, CT of chest and abdomen, all ok
Enrolled in MC1136 Phase I Peptide Vaccine Trial at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
March 2013, First Vaccine
April 2013, 2nd Vaccine
May 2013, 3rd Vaccine
June 2013, 4th Vaccine
July 2013, 5th Vaccine
August 2013, 6th Vaccine Done!
September 2013, Mayo visit, Echo results 68, vaccine did not effect my heart! Blood work normal.
January 31, 2013, Mayo visit, Echo normal
February 23, 2014, Numb lips on right side, Brain MRI, normal!
June, 2015, Finished the trial at Mayo Clinic. Feels good!
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