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Re: 'What Cancer CAN'T do..."

Continuing some ďCantísĒ of cancer:

Cancer canít get me down unless I let it. I must not let it. I will not let it.

Cancer canít take away the happy memories that will always be mine to cherish. I can make some lovely new ones too that cancer canít touch.

Some ďCansĒ of cancer:

Cancer can introduce me to an amazing sisterhood of fellow breast cancer survivors as well as other courageous people fighting other battles. Cancer has already flung open the doors of my world and invited some beautiful new friends into my life and will continue to do so.

Cancer can take away my hair, but only for a season. It was temporary. Itís growing back. Even though it is not returning in the color I had and would have never chosen for myself unless I was much older than I am .. There is always hair dye if I want. It is my very own hair again, only softer and I appreciate having hair more than ever. Itís comfortable and not hot and itchy like a wig. Itís going to grow long enough that Iíll need to comb it again, yeah!!! Men who loose their hair as they age donít get a new crop to replace what fell out like I have the privilege of getting. Three cheers for hair! Hip, hip, hooray for hair! Thank You God for hair on my head and for returning eyelashes and eyebrows! Too bad armpit and leg hair grows so well despite chemo. Ha!

Cancer can (and is) making me into a person that is leaning harder on God, seeking Him more, resting deeper in His love, who is stronger in the strength of the Lord.

Cancer can make me a more compassionate person with many new experiences under my belt that allow me the blessing of being able to ďbe thereĒ for others going through similar circumstances.

Do you guys have any to add?

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