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Re: TDM1 trial (KATHERINE) Phase III

SISTER!! I read TOO far into was late...looking for ALL I can find to KICK this...

Actually, when I had my first consult with my MO, he asked his "fellow" to see if there were any clinical studies available...!!

Tomorrow, I have an echo, along with the beginnning of my first Herceptin...or to complete my year of herceptin, praying my EF holds up, and my body doesn't reject Herceptin along the road...

I "check" on your studies... "
10/18/12 Found pea size lump right breast
11/7/12 Biopsy
12/14/12 Lumpectomy
1/4/13 Rexcision, NO CLEAR MARGINS!! :(
2/11/13 Mastectomy with Expander Placed
2/15/13 INFECTION at Mastectomy site...emergency Surgery!!! Expander removed :(
DX: DCIS, IDC, Stage 2a, 2.7cm, 1/5 nodes positive
ER/PR-, HER2+++
3/28/13 Port placed
4/1/13 Begin 6 Cycles TCH Therapy
4/1/14 Finished Herceptin!!
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