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Unhappy Re: Bilateral Mastectomy 7 yrs. ago..pulled pectoral muscle..indented badly and painf

Here's a part of the follow-up that I promised. The "injury" happened in June, 2015. My chest (pectoral) right region is indented about an inch. I have pain (stabbing and burning) in the pec region as well as under my right arm, which is also indented. Finally, about two weeks ago, the results of my MRI were given to me. My G.P. told me that there was a mass there. I asked her to fax the information to my oncologist. The oncologist got the MRI results on Monday, and called me this past Monday to come in on Tuesday.

He's been my oncologist since my first breast cancer when I was 42, which was medulary (sp). It was encapsulated, and in the left breast. I had radiation, lumpectomy and hormone treatment for three years. I was told it would not return. Sixteen years later, I got a different type in the right breast. I could see the lump. It sat at the top of my right breast and was the size of a walnut. I was informed that it was a "garden variety" type of breast cancer, and when I asked if I should opt for the bilateral mastectomy, my oncologist told me that it was my call, so I did. I had chemo, the bilateral mastectomy, and hormone treatment.

Eight years later, the "garden variety" has come back on the right side. Now, I don't have any fat in my chest area, and this does look like a very bad muscle pull. It looks like the muscle rolled up, as happens with weight lifters. The only difference is that I am indented. It looks like I was in an accident.

My oncologist took one look at me and said the cancer had returned. He was surprised that my G.P. had not referred me back to him, especially with my extensive history. He scheduled a blood test for last Thursday, and a PET scan which I had yesterday (Friday). I have a biopsy scheduled for Monday.

I am somewhat surprised, and in shock that it came back. I had a enlar, the bilateral mastectomy, etc. I have no adipose tissue in my chest area. The area is right where the lump was in the second incursion. It's hard as a rock and it does feel like a muscle that has hardened. It has not gotten bigger, but it's warm. The burning under my arm is horrible, so my oncologist gave me a pain pill for it.

I asked my oncologist if he had ever seen this before, and he said yes. He is a chair on the Hilman in Pittsburgh, and extremely qualified.

I'm scared that it went too long. My G.P. sent me to therapy when she saw it in June, and never said to see my oncologist. I pray it did not spread.

The lymph nodes are enlarged, but in the other two breast cancers, none of the samples of the lymph nodes were involved.

I'm asking for prayers. I live with chronic mylegenous leukemia, which my pain doctor said came from being subjected to x-rays too much, especially when I was a child. I'm a chronic asthmatic who grew up in a dirty mill town.

I also tested positive for the Brac 1 gene mutation. My children did not, thankfully. I should mention that nobody in my family had breast cancer or died of it. I feel like a freak. I know that it can happen to anybody, but these health problems have thrown me for an emotional loop. The other two breast cancers did not hurt, at all.

If you will, please pray for me. I'm scared and I honestly thought I would never have to deal with this again I'll try to keep you posted.
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