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Re: early Christmas present--10 yr overall & bc specific survival results just publis

I'm thankful for everyone who genuinely benefitted from treatment.

At the same time, the blanket application of the drug for early stage HER2 positive bc limits our ability as individuals to evaluate with accuracy which of us actually benefitted and which did not, or why.

Today, after 12 years, the truth is that not receiving the drug made zero difference for me, AND we have not learned anything at all about which of us are not likely to benefit from receiving such an expensive drug, and at the same time we are encouraging some to rely upon it while they are progressing. We have not determined which patients would benefit from the use of this drug without chemotherapy, such as possibly many or most early stage patients.

The cup is both half full AND half empty; better than 10 years ago (and that IS good news), but with a long way to go to be as effective as we like to believe it is on an individual basis.
Dx 2002 age 51
bc for granny, aunt, cousin, sister, mother.
ER+/PR+/HER2+++, grade 3
IDC 1.9 cm, some DCIS, Stage 1, Grade 3
Lumpectomy, CAFx6 (no blood boosters), IMRT rads, 1 3/4 yr tamoxifen
Rads necrosis
BRCA 1 & 2 negative
Trials: Early detection OVCA; 2004 low-dose testosterone for bc survivors
Diet: Primarily vegetarian organic; metformin (no diabetes), vitamin D3
Exercise: 7 days a week, 1 hr/day
No trastuzumab, no taxane, no AI

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