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Re: Sign Petition to Stop Delay of the GP2 Vaccine

I confirmed on that our GP2 trial doesn't even have a primary end point until December 2015 for Phase II.

I do not know why you are giving the impression that the trial is not ongoing. It is fully enrolled, the clinical trial staff is still collecting data. Patients are still being contacted in follow up. There is currently no delay. Everything is on schedule. The end point really depends more on when the patients enrolled into the trial, and not on anything that anyone outside the trial does.

My understanding is Peoples is both a co-discoverer and a primary investigator. Although that may change. Very juicy stuff. I found it interesting reading.

I do not need to join you - I joined the study. And that is why it will get through phase II by the end of 2015.

Not because of some petition or court case.

It all comes down to the patients who support the studies. I've enrolled in 6 clinical trials to advance standard of care.

If someone truly wants to join me in advancing cancer vaccines - there is currently a Phase II enrolling for Neuvax, which is the first generation vaccine, for us higher expressors.

When the post Herceptin trial starts I will share that information.

AND when the phase III for AE37 and GP2 starts, which are the 2nd generation vaccines, I will share that information as well.

Thanks to the other former and current breast cancer patients who understand the critical importance of joining a clinical trial - to get them to full enrollment as quickly as possible.

No Phil I choose not to join you. I have other more effective ways to advance standard of care.
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