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Re: Sign Petition to Stop Delay of the GP2 Vaccine

no news on prop 303 , but then i am far away in boston. as it advances it sends amessage not only to slow fda but to pharma - remember our RTT testimony exposed how little comp use kaiser permanente gives - probably no different than most pharma .
i started hearing about gp2 around sept. when dr. mittendorf published data . mbrs of our Our Her2Cancer Struggle started researching , posting there and started a petition . lizbeth and rhondalea - you should definitely join us on fb and coordinate activism with shannon . you all talk the right activist talk .
the info i have seen does not picture dr. peoples as a co-founder . info i have says norwell pharma was looking for funding - very difficult with any new drug / but especially with vaccines - which dont think bring the Billions annually that drugs like herceptin do , for ex. and may take longer to develop.
so norwell approaches HJF and HJF gives $$ , providing Dr. P . leads study . he was also working on 2 other vaccines . . problems came up w/ HJF , dr. p. in charge - as norwell saw it ( later court case validated many of their concerns) - delays in phase II . so norwell asked hjf to remove dr. p. , - conflict of interest w/ other compettive / time consuming vaccines he was working on .Dr. P. agreed to leave if he got 500,000$ . norwell said no, offered stock options in stead. dr. p. says no. norwell tries to drop hjf but they have trial paerwork norwell needs and hjf sues for breach of contract . norwell wins , and " co -incidentally " dr. p. retires from military and goes to work for larger pharma co. , galena , working on one of those vaccines, neuvax . seems like hjf failed to fill all phase II slots , and that their suing also would delay a potentially breakthrough her2 tx. it sure seems like some shady stuff going on - i say : just get to the table and settle -NOW !! and get this trial back on track - to at least finish phase II by end of 2015. i have heard hjf say it will take " several more yrs " , just for phase II ! lives are at stake. i suspect that they all will not be in a rush - none of their family probably have metastatic her2 . i want an investigation from congress - who chartered hjf ( like they did fda ) . i am calling my reps .
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