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Re: What is measurement date for 5 yr mark?


I feel that the senior board members should be accurate in the information that we share.

It is not true that early stage breast cancer patients had a one year prognosis before Herceptin. According to the studies that Herceptin was approved on 85% of women would still be alive 4 years later without Herceptin. 74% of women would have not recurred in 4 years without Herceptin. These numbers tell me that 3 of 4 women receive Herceptin without benefit compared to the standard of care at that time.

Most board members are quite familiar with my concern of advancing standard of care. I was not striking out or agitated. I was trying to be funny when I responded to Tricia. But if someone joins a thread with a confusing post, or puts out information about Her2 breast cancer that seems inaccurate - we should clarify it.

I am sure that Joe and Christine would expect you and Tricia to be respectful toward my concerns as well. This is a two way street.

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