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Re: What is measurement date for 5 yr mark?


It makes me very uncomfortable when a senior member of the board posts comments like you just made.

I checked Genentech's website and I learned that Herceptin was approved for early stage in 2005.

Then I went to the studies that Herceptin's approval was based on.

The 4 year Overall Survival with ACT was 85.6% compared to ACTH at 93%. So yes - it is a miracle drug for 6 women out of every 100.

Four year Disease Free Survival improved from 73.7% to 85.7%. That is a nice change.

Are you referring to the prognosis for Metastatic Breast Cancer perhaps?

I'm glad that you and Sassy are "Trailblazers" and happy about Herceptin.

But can you get your machetes back out and keep cutting new trails please.

I'd love to see us get to the same numbers with a combination of Perjeta and Herceptin and no chemo, or some other less toxic options.
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