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Re: Surgery over and prayers answered!

Thanks everyone. I believe I will be Stage 1 if everything comes back pathology wise the Dr. believes it will. What a blessing to catch Her2+++, grade 3 early enough to have it staged as such.
I will be seeing her on Monday to get the report, although I may be able to see it earlier in my online access.
I am hoping this may eliminate or lower the radiation dosage; however, given what I went through with the chemo (still having neuropathy issues) I think radiation will be a piece of cake!
The furnace story is one of those stories you would read in one of those "Soup of the Soul" books. I still keep thanking God for that blessing!
I am amazed at how swollen my boob is. I am sure that is normal for after surgery. Tomorrow I get to take the ace bandage off and go strictly to sports bras for awhile.
Thanks again for all the support. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!
I know I got my presents early!
Steriactic biopsy July 2011 for microcalicificarions - negative
Mammogram 2012, 2013 no change
Mammogram July 8, 2014, more microcalcifications and mass (10mm per radiologist)
Diagnostic Mammogram July 10, 2014
Steriactic Biopsy July 15, 2014
July 21 given diagnosis DCIS and IDC upper, Outer quadrant of right breast
ER Pos >95%. PR Pos 90%, HER-2-neu positive (score +3) Grade 3
Breast surgeon on July 29, 2014 says 2 cm
MRI states only mild to moderate bilateral physiologic background parenchymal enhancement with uptake on intermammary nodes
BRCA tests all negative :)
August 8 port placement. Lung partially collapsed. On oxygen until further notice
August 9, '14 started TCPH therapy with nuelasta shots. 6 cycles @ 3 weeks
5th treatment T and C dosages lowered due to bad neuropathy
6th and last TCPH changed to PH only for Dec 1st
Lumpectomy and node biopsy Dec 2
100% complete response from TCPH neoadjuvent therapy: tumor completely gone-dead cells only. Node completely free of ANY cells. Staged at 0! Margins clear from 4mm-10mm from dead cells.
2 week period following surgery went in for draining of Hematoma that filled surgery void area in breast 3 times
Continued with Herceptin only December 22, 2014 @ 3 weeks until ???
Started radiation Jan. 7, 2015 plan is for 16-20 rads
january 25th 2015 last radiation completed. Stopped at 16 due to Seroma (void in breast is filled with fluid)
January 30 Tamoxifan started
Still on oxygen, tamoxifen side effects kicking my butt. Seeing a gastro dr. due to a lot of stomach issues.
July 2015 - 3D mammogram nervous as all hell - but came back clean!!!! YEAAH
March 2016 - only using oxygen at night! Stomach issues better and trying to wean off the heartburn meds. Am hoping to get reconstructive done Jan 2017.
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