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Re: new bc vaccine from Washington Univ (not UNIV OF WASHINGTON) PROMISING

Rolepaul, they are dramatically changing cancer management if they can get patients to treat with vaccines before surgery.

This seems to have such a huge perception obstacle. Patients are so convinced they will die because they have been diagnosed with cancer. Convincing them to do a treatment before surgery or neoadjuvant treatment could be a challenge. Educating the public on the survivability of a cancer diagnosis for the vast majority of people is key. Too many patients get sucked into the current system and are pushed into standard of care with fear tactics. Changing the system will be critical over the next 2 decades. I hope you are up to the challenge!

I've been thinking of you and Prop 303 in AZ. Can you follow up in a separate post. What has been the change created by this proposition? Have patients gained more access to lifesaving treatments yet?

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