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clothing issues

thanks, Carolyn for your kind words. - for my neice's wedding June, 2011, I did opt to get the prosthetics out and one was leaking. I was quite unhappy because I had paid a good amount for them and 3-4 bras and hadn't worn them much and cared for them well.(I know it's covered under insurance, but there is still the co-pay and deductible to consider) At that time, I could wear a spring skirt and a knit top and not look too bad ( I personally don't care how I look in general ) but for this "black tie" wedding, I don't have anything - I'm not the cocktail dress type - and in order to get something that fits the bottom the top is tremendously too big and I'd never wear it again. I'm glad I'm alive and glad that up until now, this hasn't been an issue - and I won't let it become one now. - Nancy O
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