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BC survivor looking for participants for BC research study

I am a fellow breast cancer survivor who received a diagnosis of breast cancer one month after starting graduate school. After a lot of hard work, my Breast Cancer Research Study (i.e., doctoral dissertation) has been approved by my university and is ready to collect data. If you or someone you know is a female, 18 years or older and has been diagnosed at some point in their life with breast cancer, they may qualify to participate in this study. This confidential online survey should take approximately 15 minutes complete.

The study examines breast cancer patientís communication satisfaction with their treatment team and its impact on quality of life. This study aims to utilize the obtained information in order to provide relevant information to the medical community to improve treatment outcomes for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thank you,


If you are willing to participate in the study, click on the link below and feel free to share! A recruitment flyer is also attached to this email.

To participate in the study, please click the link below: <>
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