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Re: NeuVax reduces recurrence by 78.4% over 5 years

Wow! I came here for support and discussion. You're seriously insane! It makes me sad that people like you are on these support boards because you just bully the rest of us!
You concentrate on positivity? Yea right! And as far as concentrating on those who need more help like those stage IV or who have a recurrance, duh? That's what I'm saying too just not in such an unrealistic way. I just watched - while going through chemo - my mother die of her2 recurrance. So I have every right to be upset and to want to try and change the system so others don't have to watch their mom/wife/daughter die unnecessarily!
And you're right I am a new member but I'm also about to be an ex- member because of you. I've seen you get into it with others on here. You're NOT helping anyone with your unrealistic portrayals and your bullying of those of us who don't see things the way you do.
So fine tout your clinical trials without all the facts (I've worked behind the scenes and I know) but just remember while you do that women are dying and they have loved ones dealing with those losses. And you can argue all you want but they are preselects for their subjects for phase III and they are padding the results. How else do you think they are going to make money on a vaccine that is also in the pipeline elsewhere. You really need to do more research.
And please don't bother replying I don't need anymore of your negative defensiveness. If this is the kind of place that lets people like you bully new members just because we have a different view and are trying to start a discussion then forget it. You can have this support blog. I certainly don't need to be bullied over the Internet just because I wanted to point out something you have left out of your little "ads" for Biopharma.
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