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Re: NeuVax reduces recurrence by 78.4% over 5 years

Lisbeth, I did qualify for the trial! But they are hand picking their subjects now. This is not a legal practice but it is happening. You can defend it all you want (and for the record I am very excited about the prospect of this vaccine!) but you really need to understand the economics behind this type of trial (phase III) as well as the stake that Galena has in this vaccine especially given there are several in the pipeline. I know for a fact I met all inclusion criteria but they are now tailoring the subjects to make their vaccine more attractive at the end of the trial. I know because I myself have run clinical trials in the past and I know how the system works or rather how it is supposed to work when people aren't on the take. I think you should really listen to the other member here Phil who has also tried to discuss this situation too. Of course I'm going to try for another trial but we all need to be aware of the reality of the system and how it benefits some but puts even more at risk!
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