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Re: Tivatinib (ARQ-197)

Ill do some research on it. What i put down was very preliminary. I sent an article on the Hepatocyte Growth factor to my wife's computer at work and Ill read it tonight. Tivatinib or ARK-197 inhibits the Kinase enzyme in the receptor that the Hepatocyte Growth Factor attaches to. When I get a better understanding of the action of the Hepatocyte Growth Factor, Ill have a better understanding about Tivatinib. It seems the more you learn about something the more questions come up.

One of the names for the Hepatocyte Growth Factor is C-Met and Met stands for mesenchymal-to epidemal transformation. Cancer cells have to change shape before they start spreading. Once they change shape they become more motile and can spread. This is a guess about C-Met but I may be on track. If Im wrong Ill correct this.

To answer your question Diva its not just breast cancer or primarily breast cancer. In order for Tivatinib to be effective there apparently has to be an overactivity of the C-MET Tyrosine Kinase. This occurs in about 80% of Pancreatic cancers, I don't know what percentage of breast cancers, or if C-met is more active in, say, triple negative breast cancer, or Her2Neu positive breast cancer. Ill see what I can find.

Tivatinib seems to be an interesting drug. It must cross the blood brain barrier to be a preventitive against HER2positive brain mets. Ill post the information I can find. It seems to be worth spending some time with this drug.

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