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Re: No Travel Required - KRAS-Variant Mutation and Breast Cancer

Gosh, and how do you really feel Rhodalea?

So I am curious after the genotyping, did you get the results too? What did you learn?

To be honest, if we could dig into the backgrounds of our researchers - many more of us would likely be offended. This is why I am a fan of being an active participant in our own health and care, something that you do beautifully.

Crap, I am still finding ways to procrastinate on the computer and not getting things going yet.

The exercise is a double edge sword. It will knock you on your ass in the beginning. It took 2 - 3 months to get past the exhaustion afterwards. I was returned to a before cancer level of health after Dr. Joe's work with me. Truly was amazing. I should be exercising today. Blah, must get off computer and go to the kitchen.
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