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Re: No Travel Required - KRAS-Variant Mutation and Breast Cancer

Yes, I received the same information from Dr. Love's Army of Women.

I was not offended. I welcome all and any new information on my specific cancer.

I do grit my teeth over the numerous requests I get from the Army of Women for money.

The $295 fee was a bit tacky, but there also was an offering of applying for the $295 fee to be covered if you could not afford to pay. I suspected most of us would qualify for it to be paid and I did not bother to apply. The "fee" to me would be more of a non tax deductible donation in the furtherance of cancer research.

Since I have a strong history of family breast cancer I think that I will look into doing the testing. I've already donated my DNA.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone has all your DNA now, and folks will find a way to profit from it.
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