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Re: YES!!! It is here. Phase II vaccine trial for Her2 3+

Oh, so here is the one for you JayKay, and I quote:

The GP2 vaccine works in much the same way as the E75 vaccine. Like E75, the GP2 peptide is 9 amino acids long and binds to MHC class I molecules to stimulate CD8-positive T cells; thus, the vaccine works only in patients who are positive for HLA-A2 or HLA-A3. In contrast, the AE37 peptide, which is longer than the E75 and GP2 peptides, binds to MHC class II molecules and stimulates CD4-positive T cells, thereby eliciting a more robust immune response. Although MHC class II peptides can be HLA-restricted, AE37 is a promiscuous peptide, meaning that blood cells of almost any HLA type can present it. In addition, the AE37 peptide is paired with the Ii-Key protein, which enhances the presentation of the peptide to the immune system.
Somehow I find it very amusing that they chose the racy term "promiscuous peptide" for AE37 - for those who are HLA A2 negative. Not only is there something out there for you, and it isn't just your ordinary peptide,
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