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Anyone else on the trial S-222611?

I live in Scotland in the UK, and about 6 weeks ago started on the Phase2 trial for a Japanese drug, a tyrone kinase inhibitor, made by Shiniogi.

I had extensive mets in my lungs, trouble breathing and coughing a lot. Within 3 or 4 days I noticed I was coughing less - 6 weeks on I feel great. No cough, breathing well, bags more energy. I get a scan soon so will know exactly what the response has been.

I believe it has also shown efficacy on brain mets, and another lady in our small group on the trial here has had significant reduction in her brain mets.

I genuinely feel this is a wonder drug (I had previously not responded to Xeloda/Capcetibine OR to TDM-1/Kadcyla, so was fast running out of options). From what I can gather, it has had a really good success rate. Out of us 10 patients, 9 responded.

And even better, there are very few and fairly minor side effects. I have had almost none. Anyone on the trial elsewhere, or know anything about it?

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