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Re: After 9 years on Herceptin,heart ef crash

Another thing about Coenzyme Q10 is that it decreases inflammation which is a vital part of the neoplastic process. Another over the counter product that is very good for inflammation is Pycnogenol from the pine bark of a tree that grows in southern France. In one experiment they gave 200mg of Pycnogenol to osteoarthritic patients. The C reactive protein a major inflammatory factor decreased from 3mg/liter to less than 1mg/liter.
Inflammation is a prime stimulator of cancerous process and some heart disease. About 25% of fatal heart attacks have no previous associated conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. It is believed that excess undiagnosed inflammation plays an important role in these heart attacks. Decreasing inflammation should be beneficial in cancer patients. I dont know if something like pycnogenol would have any influence in Herceptin associated heart problems, Q10 might. I read a good article about this in US Pharmacist magazine.


PS Even my 11 year old Springer Spaniel gets his Pycnogenol. He is pretty spunky for a 11 year old dog. Both my wife and I adore Beethoven. Smart and manpulative
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