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Re: After 9 years on Herceptin,heart ef crash


I still wonder what would happen if you were put on an ACE inhibitor along with the coreg , temporarily stopped the Herceptin, waited until the LVEF function increased, then went back on the herceptin while taking the Coreg and Ace inhibitor together. If I had her 2 Neu positive breast cancer (rare in men but far from impossible) and my LVEF started to drop that is what I would do. If I have to stop taking the herceptin I have to but, to me, thats the last step.

The suggestion to take Coenzyme Q10 was a good one. I had no idea it was used to increased LVEF in situatons like yours. I take Q 10 to lower my blood pressure and it works well, actually I take 900mg a day in 3 divided doses, 400mg in the morning, 400mg in the evening, and 100mg at bedtime.

It may well have anti-cancer action. There was an article i read where patients with the lowest blood concentration of Coenzyme Q-10 had the more
extensive and aggressive melanomas than those in the highest Quartile.

There was a Danish experiment in 1993 where a few patients with stage 4 breast cancer took about 400mg Coenzyme Q 10 daily and the mets disappeared. Im sure you could find this article. It might be wise to take Q10
for its possible anticancer action, particularly if they do stop herceptin. At least you will be taking something.

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