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Re: Perhaps something we can do in case we can't get treatment for covid-19.

The above article is along what I posted earlier, but more deterministic. I suggest read comments by other Md's also. Perhaps get yourself a pulse oximeter, an intensive spirometer and learn how to use/interpret/monitor result. Be careful on using spirometers and be sure to understand to interpret all results.

We are still on our own for a long time. Let me know if you can not access the article above.


Ps: This comment from a RN about pulse oximeter usage is useful: “… nail polish causes bad reading …. to be more confident your pulse ox is reading correctly, measure your heart rate at your radial pulse point or neck or top of your foot, wherever you most easily find it, and make sure it's the same as what the monitor is telling you. If the monitor heart rate reads 60 and you're counting a steady 85, I wouldn't rely on the O2 reading. Try another warm, pink finger and take a few deep breaths. Be sure to hold your hand still…”
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