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Hi Tricia,
I have to apologize, I do not go to the newcomers thread very often. If I did I would have answered sooner. I was on a regimen slightly different than yours. I had 4 rounds of A/C first and then 12 weeks of Taxol/herceptin/carboplatin. It was not a pleasant period of time. All the people I talked to had either Taxol, Taxotere or a combination of one with herceptin. They all seemed to think it was a piece of cake compaired to the A/C. My experience was that it was as bad only in different ways. I think the thing you need to focus on is the fact that the tumor is less noticable and that is a good sign. If it is truly shrinking it means that the chemo is working and the chemo is only for a short while in the scheme of things. It will give you peace of mind in the future knowing that the chemo regimen was ettective where many others have to guess if it was effective or not.

Good luck, Alice
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