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Nguyen 08-03-2019 08:02 PM

The Fasting Cure Is No Fad

New research is showing the profound benefits—for weight, longevity and fighting disease—of eating only during limited hours

Fasting might even be effective in preventing the recurrence of cancer, as suggested by initial results of an epidemiological study conducted by researchers at the University of California at San Diego, published in 2016 in the journal JAMA Oncology. Among 2,400 women with early-stage breast cancer who provided information on their eating rhythm, roughly 400 suffered from new tumors within seven years. But women who fasted for 13 hours nightly had 26% less risk of recurrence than the control group. One possible reason was suggested in data summarized last year from a decade of animal experiments by Valter Longo and a team at the University of Southern California: Cancer cells are less able than normal cells to survive a lack of sugar.

Nguyen 08-03-2019 08:14 PM

Re: The Fasting Cure Is No Fad
and another view point.



Nguyen 09-22-2019 02:47 PM

Re: The Fasting Cure Is No Fad
I believe the below link point to the original "technical article" for the WSJ article in my first posting.


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