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G.Angel 12-28-2013 04:36 AM

Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words
hello everyone!i'm a newly diagnosed Invasive Ductal Ca/Ductal Ca in Situ stage 2B, ErP negative,Her2/neu positive,3 out of 24 Lymph nodes postiv. It's barely a month since my modified radical mastectomy right breast was done. I got back to work,since my chemo will start on jan 8,2014. I am just wondering,how long will my armpit pain,tightness& with limited range of motion can be felt?i have my daily exercises as instructed by my surgeon.Can anyone please advise?i will have more querries as soon as I start my treatment protocol.I am so happy i found this support group!looking forward for your uplifting&inspiring messages.

Laurel 12-28-2013 06:08 AM

Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words
Welcome, G. Angel,

I am sorry you are joining us in the battle against Her2 positive breast cancer, however the bright side of the unfortunate diagnosis is this online support group. May I suggest spending some time using the "Search" feature to find threads that will serve to be informative and reassuring.

As for the tightness from the lymph node dissection and the mastectomy, having only had 5 nodes removed I cannot speak to your question from experience. I am sure others will chime in with their experiences so hang tight. For me the mastectomy was not particularly limiting and healed well. That arm is still a bit 'tighter" than the other, and I continue to do stretching exercises which have become a habit that I do not even think about any longer.

Good luck with your chemo. It isn't fun, but goes by quickly. Hang with us. We will see you through it!

Jackie07 12-30-2013 02:55 AM

Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words

I am six years out of my stage 2B diagnosis. I had 2 lymph nodes with cancer and altogether had 11 nodes out.

Don't remember doing anything particular about the arms. But I did walk 30 minutes everyday. Walking is really the best exercise - especially after (breast) surgery.

Been doing great as far as breast cancer is concerned. I have another history of a rare type of brain tumor and it's been well under control. Doing extremely well lately since I've figured out how to use gravity (while sleeping) to keep the b.t. away from my Thalamus.

There are quite a few others who have similar situation (2B) like yours on the board and are doing well. I'm sending you good vibes.

Aussie Girl 12-30-2013 04:59 AM

Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words
Dear G. Angel

Sorry you had to join us on the journey, but welcome to the forum. The tightness and pain from the surgery lasts a variable amount of time, but should progressively improve. The arm exercises are important. If you don't keep the arm mobile, the shoulder can get stiff and lymphedema is more likely. If you have access to a physiotherapist (aka physical therapist), I would strongly recommend this because you have had a full axillary dissection. It is good that the surgeon gave you exercises, but the physio can really help the arm get moving and teach you how to massage the arm. There are internet sites (youtube) also that demonstrate how to get your arm and shoulder moving.

Once the scar is sealed over, you can use a bio-oil to massage the area and help the skin and tissue to be more pliable.

I had left mastectomy and 5 nodes out and I had good mobility by 5 weeks post-op, but I gather this was unusual. However, I had a puffy axilla (arm OK) and a large bruise in the front fold of the armpit which took months to slowly resolve. Also each time I had chemo, I would get pain in the scar. This makes sense as tissue damage of this type does take 6 months or so to heal and the chemo will disrupt that process a bit. The nerves start grow back in the numb areas and the is also disrupted by the chemo.

This sounds bad, but it does become more comfortably after 6 to 12 weeks. It's just that it stays a bit tender. I haven't had reconstruction, and the breast prosthesis is still a bit uncomfortable. Talk to your surgeon at your visits, particularly the 3 month one, about your level of pain and mobility.

I strongly recommend you use the search function in the top bar to find threads relevant to you, then post a new thread with any other questions you have. (Please put the topic in the thread title to attract attention and to make it easier for others to find.)

Good luck. Hope your first chemo goes OK.

Aussie Girl

Saygoon 01-03-2014 07:09 PM

Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words
I had quite a bit of trouble at first but just stay the course with the exercises. (7 of 14 lymph nodes were positive) water exercises and Tai Chi really helped me.

MaineRottweilers 01-04-2014 09:55 AM

Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words
I only had four nodes removed (one positive with micro-metastasis)so I don't know how long the tightness will last. I know that the more stretching I did, the more I could do. Keep the stretching up as best you can.

G.Angel 01-08-2014 06:36 PM

Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words
Hello everyone!thank you very much with all your kind & very inspiring replies to my query.I just finished my first chemo cycle with adriamycin&cyclophosphamide.Im so happy &thankful because there were no side effects.I tolerated the procedure very well.I hope&pray all will go well&smooth.Thank you again for all your advise!God Bless Us all!

MANORAMA 05-15-2016 07:49 AM

Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words
DEAR Angel
Do not worry .Accept and feel blessed because for HER poitive v have Herceptin which is a promising drug.This community had developed positive approach in me. lot of 13 year survivor stories developed hope in me. Daily u log in to this group read long time survivors report and sure u ll develope courage to fight the disease .all the best

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