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Gift 01-07-2011 03:39 AM

Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?

I'm new to this. 38 years old from Thailand.
Diag Jul'10 Stg3 with PR/ER pos, Her2 +++
3 rounds of Chemo (red color series), tumor did not reduce after the 3rd time. Dr then switched to Herceptin .. After 3 times of Herceptine, tumor shrinks until lumpec could be done on 12 Dec 2010. 17 from 22 nodes are positive.
I am now on Taxoltexe, Caboplatin (every week due to my low WBC), and Herceptine (every 3 weeks)
Radiation will be scheduled next.

My prognosis is rather lonely here in Thailand. Local articles are mainly on the tragic side e.g. Her2 positive patients have lower survivor rate than Her2 negative ones, etc.

Having come to this site brings me back to life and give be lots of hope. Thanks to all of the contributions written before.

As Her2 positive breast cancer was listed as poor prognosis, any ideas from anyone if we are still unlucky when Herceptin is available?
May I say that we turn to be lucky persons to be able to get Herceptin ???


Trish 01-07-2011 04:41 AM

Re: Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?
Gift, there are lots of reasons to be hopeful. Certainly Herceptin has really improved the outlook for HER2pos cancer but there are also other treatments available if need be such as Tykerb and TDM-1 (which is Herceptin combined with a chemo drug that just targets the cancer and not other cells.) TDM-1 is not yet widely available but hopefully in a year or two it will be should you need it.However you have good reason to hope that your treatment may be the end of the cancer for you.There are many knowledgeable and better qualified people who often monitor this site so don't feel alone. One of my oncologists said that HER2pos is beginning to have a better prognosis than other forms of breast cancer thanks to these drugs. Certainly those "tragic stories" are less common these days. I agree we are very lucky to have Herceptin. Good luck with your journey and don't feel alone.

ElaineM 01-07-2011 11:23 AM

Re: Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?
Welcome aboard. You are not alone. You have found the best her2 place on the internet. Drop by anytime. Take care.

Gift 01-07-2011 10:34 PM

Re: Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?
Trish and Elaine

Thank you for your kind messages.
Trish, you've been through a long way on this path. May I ask you if there is any day you feel down and don't wanna fight? Sorry to be direct ... I have that kind of feeling from time to time.


Mary L 01-08-2011 06:43 AM

Re: Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?
Gift, I just wrote to you on the other message. Yes, in many ways we are lucky to be Her2+++. Herceptin has save so many womens lives. It is normal to feel down and lonely when you go through cancer and cancer treatment. You have this site now with many other women and a few men who will understand what you are goiing through and how you feel. Drop in often to chat and let us know how you are doing. Best wishes. Mary L

NanaJoni 01-08-2011 11:49 AM

Re: Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?
Gift - try to remember things before you had a cancer diagnosis. You had those bad days then, too, only now it's multiplied by a thousand - but still there are good and bad days. I had 2 tumors - one was triple negative and there is not much to do after chemo and radiation but wait. The other tumor was HER2+++ so I am doing Herceptin for the year period which will take me til June. I am so grateful for any and all treatment options and will fight with all the weapons that I can. But those bad days still happen - I let my grandchildren keep my spirits up most of the time. Good luck and keep coming to this sight. These ladies are the best.

Trish 01-09-2011 02:38 AM

Re: Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?
I do sometimes get demoralised and sick of the treatment but I am actually very fortunate to have a really supportive family. My husband, young adult and teenage daughters, sisters,brother, (90 yr old) father, nieces and friends all do whatever they can to make the journey easier. I live in a safe and peaceful country with a relatively well funded medical system (I have my complaints but on the whole it is responsive and affordable). So even though my cancer is problematic I am blessed in other ways and so far the cancer has had suprisingly little impact on my quality of life.
It would be a lot harder if I had a young baby and had to face the challenges you have. I can tell ,though, from your extraordinarily good English and your grasp of the cancer-related issues that you are intelligent and well educated. They will be your strongest assets. I hope you also have family and social supports to help you.
I remain hopeful that I will manage and survive this cancer but I am realistic so my motto is to "Hope for the best but plan for the worst". I like to mentally explore the worst case scenario and have a plan to manage that. I then revert to hopeful mode. It is a lot easier when your youngest is 14 not an infant though.So don't be down on yourself if you have dark days but do keep doing what you are to give yourself and your baby the best possible chance of a good life. I think of you often and hope things get easier for you. I really do admire you.

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