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Tricia 08-06-2004 02:48 AM

I had a heart attack June 30 this year and in preparing for open heart surgery a CT scan found cancer in my lungs. This is the third time: had breast cancer in 1985 had bilateral mastectomies nothing else. It returned in two vertebra in 1990 had 5 years of Tamoxifen again no radiation or chemo but lots of positive thinking prayer and visualization. Now it is back again still breast cancer now recognized as Her2pos. The heart surgery has been postponed. I started Femara and Xeloda but got severe pneumonia so had to stop the Xeloda. On Wednesday last week the oncologist told me about being Her2pos and we started Hercepton. This coming Wednesday " will add Navelbine instead of trying Xeloda again. I am a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist and my husband is a clinical psychologist. ( That's why our email is ""pairadox""!) We strongly believe in the power of prayer" positive thinking and visualization/hypnosis. I have a grat support system in my Church also 9 children 32 grands and 17 greats! I am pleased to find this message board and hope to make new friends here as we battle cancer together. I would be happy to share any info on visualization with anyone interested. By the way I am 74---a young 74 or course and live as active a life as possible still doing some counseling. Hope to hear from some of you and wish you all God's choicest blessings. Tricia

TriciaK 12-26-2010 10:02 AM

Re: Third time in 19 years!AND NOW 25 YEARS!!
I just reread this post I sent shortly after my third cancer, now Her2, was found. I didn't remember I had written it and that I had found this website so early! It is now a few days away from 2011, and I am still here! I had herceptin for 15 months back then, and did well inspite of the heart attack. After the 15 months on herceptin my ejection fraction dropped to 30, so I had to stop the herceptin and be treated for congestive heart failure, including a triple bypass. I have had fairly good health and very positive spirits until this summer, when Her2 has been diagnosed again, also in my lung. I am on herceptin again, still fighting. This week my oncologist will start me on another chemo with the herceptin. The navelbine that worked before doesn't now. My spirits are good, I have faith to keep going and a wonderful supportive family, with 7 new great grandbabies due in 2011! (That will make 47.) I am 81 now. Life is good and after 25 years fighting BC I appreciate so many many things, including this wonderful website and all these warrior-sisters who lift each other up. God bless you all! Hugs, TriciaK

ElaineM 12-26-2010 11:28 AM

Re: Third time in 19 years!
What a story !! Here you are still posting more than 6 years later. You are certainly an inspiration and definitely one of my role models. I wish you many, many more years of health and life on earth to enjoy your family.
I too will celebrate another anniversary the beginning of January, my 12th. Let's keep going and keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter what !!
Prayer helps alot !!

michka 01-05-2011 03:50 AM

Re: Third time in 19 years!
Tricia, you are a beautiful person. Elaine you are also.Thank you for your posts.
They give me courage and make me think differently.

Jackie07 01-05-2011 10:31 AM

Re: Third time in 19 years!

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. Love that name of 'pairadox'!

Hugs and love to you also.

Mary L 01-05-2011 01:42 PM

Re: Third time in 19 years!
Hello TriciaK, you are such a wonderful inspiration to all of us. I am so sorry it had to come back again. You surely have had enough cancer in your life. I hope the Herceptin will take care of it quickly. It sure saved my life. I will be praying for you and I send my best wishes. Mary L

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